Spring 2020 Nursing Semester Deadline Dates

Late registration fee of $30 will be assessd if initial registration is on or after the first day of the semester
LAST DAY Deadlines are 5:00 PM.  After these dates forms are required.
 Full Term                         Jan 13
through April 24
First Half                Jan 13 through Feb 28Second Half          March 9 through April 24 
Registration opensSee eligibility dates
Payment plan due datesPayment plan information
Enrollment Cancellation for non-payment21-Jan
Enrollment Cancellation
Last day to add classes and change credit hours online on LoboWEB23-Jan16-Jan13-Mar
Last day to change grade mode on LoboWEB.23-Jan16-Jan13-Mar
Last day to Withdraw without "W" grade and with 100% tuition refund23-Jan16-Jan13-Mar
Last day to add sections or change credit hours with form, $10 per transaction, thereafter $75.30-Jan23-Jan20-Mar
Last day to petition for In-State Tuition Classification (continuing students only)24-Jan
Census/official reporting date23-Jan16-Jan13-Mar
Last day to Drop without Dean's Permission on LoboWEB26-Mar13-Feb10-Apr
Last Day to change grade mode with form24-Apr28-Feb24-Apr
Last day to Drop with Dean's Permission with form24-Apr28-Feb24-Apr
Last day to report removal of Incomplete24-Apr
Open Learning and Extension deadlines vary according to length of the course.http://statewide.unm.edu/
Late Starting Courses (Intersession)Student Info Answer ID 3048
Drops and section changes cannot be processed after a grade has been entered.
Breaks and Holidays
Martin Luther King Jr. DayJanuary 20
Spring BreakMarch 15-22
Final ExamsApril 20-24