Course Wait List Policy

A wait list is an electronic list of students who are waiting to register for a full class.  Students may sign up for this when they attempt to register for a section that has reached its capacity.  The first student on the registration wait list is notified via email when a space becomes available.  Wait list processing ends based on the length of the course; 1st Friday for 16 week courses, 1st Wednesday for 8 week courses, 1st day of classes for shorter offerings.  If the student does not register for the section within this timeframe, he/she will be dropped from the wait list for that section and the next student on the list will be notified.


Policies and Procedures Related to Course Wait Lists

1. Any eligible student wishing to enroll in a course that has reached its authorized capacity may add themselves to one section of that course’s wait list. A student is wait listed in the order in which he/she attempts to register for the course.

2. A student on the wait list is not officially enrolled in that course and is not eligible to receive a grade in that course.

3. Being on the wait list does not guarantee registration in the class or that a new section will be made available for the same time frame or instructor.

4. A student on a wait list may attend the wait listed course, if seating is available and with the instructor’s permission.

5. Students on wait list will have conflicts checked with pre-requisites, but not duplicate courses, co-requisites or time conflicts. Students can be on a wait list for a course that is the same course that they are enrolled in. 

6. Students must meet all registration requirements before being allowed on a wait list.

7. It is the responsibility of the student to check the status of the wait list. If the student no longer wishes to remain on the wait list, then they should drop through LoboWeb.

8. Not all sections have wait lists; off-pattern/open learning courses scheduled outside a regular part of term cannot be setup with wait lists at this time.

9. Instructors have the right to increase course capacity to allow specific students to enroll in their class.

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