Data Access Form

Welcome to the University of New Mexico (UNM), Division of Enrollment Management Reporting Team’s (EMRT) data access request site.  This form is open to submission by internal UNM Departments and external UNM affiliates seeking various student related data from the EMRT/Registrar Office.

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA; 34 CFR Part 99), educational institutions have an obligation to keep students’ educational records and identities secure and private. Publicly releasing data about student enrollment, grades, and other data points can involve risk to students’ right to privacy. The aggregation of student-level data into department-level (or higher) reports removes much of the risk of disclosure, since no direct identifiers (such as a name, Social Security Number, or student ID) are present in the aggregated tables. Some risk of disclosure does remain, however, in circumstances where one or more students possess a unique or uncommon characteristic (or a combination of characteristics) that would allow them to be identified in the data table (this commonly occurs with small subgroup populations), or where some easily observable characteristic corresponds to an unrelated category in the data table. To prevent any inadvertent disclosure of students’ identities, we will not release data in which a particular group consists of fewer than five (5) students. For more guidance, please see: U.S. Department of Education - Protecting Student Privacy

  • Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee data access.  Data dissemination is at the discretion of data stewards and approval by the Registrar.
  • Please provide accurate contact information as EMRT will likely be in contact.
  • Data access requests take varying amounts of time to process depending upon complexity, sensitivity, and frequency of request. We can typically return data within 2 weeks, but can not guarantee distribution this quickly during peak business cycles.
  • Please refer to for publicly available student directory information. Individuals requesting directory data will be referred to this website. UNM emails are NOT public directory information. Release of UNM student email addresses by the registrar for recruitment purposes requires IRB approval and signed student permission.
  • For information regarding specific student enrollment data such as current enrollment, dates of attendance, and degree verifications, please visit: the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • If requesting aggregate data that will result in groups with fewer than (5) students, we suggest the use of percentages rather than raw numbers or aggregating multiple small groups to create a group larger than 5 to minimize the risk of identifiability.
  • After submission of your request form, you will be contacted via email from the Enrollment Management Reporting Team’s email You may reply to that email to update your request or respond to questions.  Telephone interaction may also be required so please provide accurate contact info.

If necessary, you may want to gather the following information before beginning your request:

  • Internal Review Board (IRB)  Approval Letter
  • Previous request information
  • Contact information
  • Specific data needs and possible justifications
  • Data handling specifics, i.e. who and how will data be maintained and destroyed
  • FERPA Exception Research Studies Request

If your Data Access Form is approved, your report will be distributed separately and securely and will be your responsibility to secure and maintain appropriately.

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