Course Sunset Lists

Academic Departments, Programs, and Branches:

The courses identified on the following lists have not recorded enrollment for the past 8 consecutive Fall and Spring semesters. These courses are slated to be placed into "Sunset" status in Banner by the end of this semester. Sunsetted courses are removed from the next publication of the UNM Catalog and are no longer available for scheduling.

Affected Departments, Programs, and Branches are required to confirm Sunset on these courses, or to request an alternate status ("Deactivated", "Sunset Exception") be applied. 

To find out if your Department, Program, or Branch has courses identified for Sunset, review the forms in the Sunset Forms Shared Folder. If no Sunset form is provided for your department, it means no courses are due for Sunsetting this term. The folder will be updated at the beginning of each Fall and Spring by the third week of the term.

If you find courses under one of your subject codes listed, please download your department’s form and use Adobe Acrobat to complete and sign. The Department Chair, Program Director, or Branch Dean of Instruction’s signature is required. Return the list (with Sunset Exception request memo, if necessary) to by the deadline listed on the form.


Advance Notice

The Sunset Advance Notice list identifies courses that have not received enrollment for the past 7 consecutive semesters. The preview list for the following term is in the Sunset Forms Shared Folder.

These courses are expected to appear on the next semester's Sunset List if they do not receive enrollment for an 8th consecutive semester. No action regarding these courses is requested at this time. This list is provided solely for preparation and informational uses only. If a course on this list has enrollment for the current term, it will be automatically extended in Banner by the End of Term process.

Note: some lower-division Undergraduate courses may be identified by a Main Campus College code, but are only offered at a Branch Campus.