Curriculum Workflow and Resources

Curriculum Workflow

Curriculum Workflow is an online form submission program that is used to request, review, and approve new -and revisions to existing- courses and most certificate and degree programs at the University of New Mexico campuses. Curriculum revision is subject to review and approval by the Faculty Senate and other curriculum-related Committees. Refer to the Curriculum Forms Process Manual for instructions on completing curriculum forms and information on the approval process. Direct questions to the Associate Registrar of Catalog and Curriculum at

The Workflow is at:

NOTE: VPN approval is required to access the site for those away from the campus network. See UNM FastInfo ID 7819 or call UNM Information Technologies Customer Support Services at (505) 277-5757 for more information.

Curriculum Forms Information

  • Form A - Change an Existing Course is used to request minor course revisions to active academic and technical courses.
  • Form B - New Course Request is used to request new academic and technical courses.

  • Form C - Degree/Program Change is used to request:

    • New -and revisions to existing- associate and undergraduate programs, including: degrees, majors, minors, concentrations, emphases, transcripted certificates, undergraduate departmental honors programs.
    • New graduate minors, concentrations, emphases.
    • Revisions to existing graduate programs, including: degrees, majors, minors, concentrations, emphases, transcripted certificates.
    • New -and revisions to existing- academic departments and programs, schools and colleges, undergraduate/graduate shared-credit programs, dual degree programs, program and college admission curriculum.
    • Revisions to the UNM General Education and U.S and Global Diversity and Inclusion Requirement course lists.
  • Form D - New Graduate Program is used to request new graduate degrees and transcripted graduate certificates. Forms D must be reviewed by NMHED committees after the UNM approval processes are complete and, because of this, are submitted on paper. See the Graduate Studies office Web site for more information on the Form D process.

New Program Preliminary Review

New program proposals are subject to preliminary review by the Office of the Provost before beginning the development of the Form C or Form D. Allow six weeks for the preliminary review. Outlines that detail the preliminary review process for new associate and undergraduate programs are found below. See the Graduate Studies office Web site for more information on the preliminary review for new graduate programs.

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