General Education Recertification

UNM must recertify (or, for new courses, certify) all general education courses by December 2020 in compliance with state legislation passed in Spring 2017 and with NM Higher Education Department regulations. Courses not recertified by December 2020 will be removed from the General Education Curriculum by the New Mexico Higher Education Department (see

UNM's Academic Affairs, Registrar, and the Office of Assessment are coordinating to simplify the recertification process for faculty:

1) In September and October 2019, Chairs will receive pre-filled forms for general education courses in their departments from Forms will include: course number, title, and New Mexico General Education content area; common course numbering student learning outcomes; applicable three critical skills from the HED list (communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, information and digital literacy, and personal and social responsibility); and UNM's general education assessment plan (

2) Faculty will need to complete three fields on the form with short narratives explaining, for each of three essential skills, "what students are going to do to develop the critical skills" and how faculty will "assess their learning." Faculty will also need to attach a syllabus and a sample course assignment/exercise/test that involves learning related to the essential skill. Dr. Pamela Cheek, Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment, will offer recertification workshops to departments throughout Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters to support faculty in completing the required (re)certification forms. Please communicate with Dachary Vann to schedule AP Cheek for a workshop, preferably before October 1, 2019.

3) Chairs will collect completed (re)certification forms from faculty and submit them to by the following deadlines: October 10, 2019; January 16, 2020; and March 12, 2020.

4) Associate Registrar Michael Raine and AP Cheek will then review forms for completeness and submit them to the HED New Mexico Curriculum and Articulation Committee for approval at regular NMCAC meetings.

Faculty and departments wishing to create new general education courses will need to submit a Form C (since proposal of a new general education course constitutes a change to the program) through UNM's curriculum workflow, a common course numbering form, and a general education form. The Form C submission to curriculum workflow has a November 1st, 2019 deadline.

We are aware that this represents a significant amount of state-mandated work in addition to UNM's own curriculum process and we are available to help you with this.

Dr. Pamela Cheek, Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment
Associate Registrar Michael Raine