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  • 8 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

  • Mesa Vista Hall - North (Building #66 on the Campus Map)


  • Have the instructor or offering Department add a CLOSED override to your account and register on LoboWeb, or complete an Enrollment Authorization (Yellow) card found at the Records and Registration Office located in Mesa Vista Hall - North.

  • Complete the Enrollment Authorization - After Deadlines (Pink) card and submit it to the Records and Registration Office located in Mesa Vista Hall - North. This will generate late transaction fees on your account.

  • You can pick up a green card from the Office of Graduate Studies. Once completed, bring them back to the Records and Registration Office for processing.
  • Late Registration forms are available on the Registrar's home page, under General Registrar forms. Completed forms are submitted in person to the Mesa Vista One-stop on Main Campus or the Student Support and Services Center on South Campus. Bring valid ID.

  • The Schedule of Classes is available on-line approximately two weeks prior to registration for a specified semester. Please click "more info" above for the current schedule. A Schedule Quick View, updated nightly during registration, is also available at the same location.

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  • Contact the UNM Bookstore at (505) 277-5451

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There could be several reasons why your card doesn't work. 

  • You're not enrolled - contact the Records and Registration Office.
  • Your magnetic strip is bad - contact the Lobo Card Office.
  • You're using an old, non-current Lobo Card - contact the Lobo Card Office.

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What is the Reciprocal Program?

It is a program between some New Mexico and Colorado schools to trade students for up to eight semesters and receive in-state tuition rates.  The students must take 30 credits per year and maintain  full-time status.  For more information or to apply for this program, contact the Records and Registration Office at (505) 277-2383. 

About the Program

The States of Colorado and New Mexico have maintained a Tuition Reciprocity Agreement since 1985.  The purpose of the agreement is to allow eligible students from New Mexico to enroll at designated Colorado institutions of higher education at in-state tuition rates and an equal number of eligible students from Colorado to do the same at New Mexico institutions. 

Number of Participants at UNM

UNM is allotted 95 slots by the New Mexico Higher Education Department for participating students.  The number of slots available to new applicants each semester is determined by the number of continuing students in the Program.  

Application Process

First-time freshmen and undergraduate transfer students to UNM may apply.  Students are encouraged to apply for the Reciprocal Program at the time they apply for admission to UNM.  Available slots are offered to students on a first-come, first-served basis according to date of admission.  Hence, the earlier a student is admitted to UNM, the better the chance of acquiring a slot in the Reciprocal Program.

Available slots for Fall semesters are typically offered to new students beginning in April.  

Program Eligibility Requirements

Students accepted to participate in the Reciprocal Program must complete 30 semester hours each academic year.  This requirement is strictly enforced.   Students who are discontinued from the Program for failure to satisfy this requirement will be charged out-of-state tuition thereafter until New Mexico residency for in-state tuition purposes can be established.  (See Residency Status for Participating Students.)    There is no minimum grade point average requirement. 

Students may remain in the Program for a maximum of eight (8) semesters.  Those who may need more than eight semesters to graduate must plan ahead for out-of-state tuition charges after their eight-semester eligibility expires.  (See Residency Status for Participating Students.)

Academic records of Reciprocal Program participants are audited by the Office of the Registrar at the end of each academic year to determine continued eligibility.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that eligibility requirements are met.

Residency Status for Participating Students

Students in the Reciprocal Program remain out-of-state residents for the duration of their Program participation.  They may not establish New Mexico residency for tuition purposes during that time.  Students who wish to become New Mexico residents must satisfy all residency requirements, including the twelve-month duration requirement, after discontinuing the program.  In other words, time spent in New Mexico while in the Reciprocal Program may not be applied toward the twelve-month physical presence requirement to become a resident for tuition purposes.

Confidentiality of Student Records

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, most information contained in a student’s records may be disclosed only to the student.  Specific information about Program application status, and/or about Program eligibility status may only be shared with the student.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Colorado-New Mexico Reciprocal Program, contact the UNM Office of  Admissions and Recruitment , Richard Matthew Hulett at mhulett@unm.edu

  • Click here for fastest processing. You may also mail or come to the Records and Registration Office in person to request your transcript. The form is available here

  • You may mail or come to the Records and Registration Office in person to request your enrollment verification. The form is available here

  • No.  They are available by mail or pick-up in approximately 4-6 weeks after the semester is over.

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  • There is NO fee for the first diplomas.

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  • No
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There is a $15 charge for duplicate diplomas.  

You can place a request in person at the Records and Registration Office (or) 

You can place your request in writing remembering to include your written signature, date of request, current/previous name(s), social security number/UNM ID, date of birth, date graduated, degree received, major or college, mailing address, daytime telephone number, Email address, check money order, or credit card information (or)

You can complete the Replacement Diploma Form

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  • It usually takes about 2-6 weeks
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  • If you haven't received your diploma in 8-10 weeks then contact the Registration's office at 277-8900.

  • No, you need to contact your college advisor.
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  • Contact your college advisor
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  • If you are within 6 hours of graduating at the end of any semester, you may request permission from the Office of the University Secretary to attend that semester's commencement.
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  • No, it won't
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  • These are available at the UNM Bookstore
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