Registration Tips


Where to Register:

You can register for classes at the University of New Mexico online using

  • This portal is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Once logged on click on Student Life and select LoboWeb.
  • When registering/viewing course offerings, detailed information regarding Title, Subject, Course Number, Section, Hours, CRN, Meeting Times, Campus, etc. is included.  You can also click on the title of course for additional class details.


Video Tutorials:

Learn basics on the Registration Process

- 0:17 Accessing Registration
- 1:06 Class Search / Course Offerings (Pre-Registration)
- 2:23 Check Registration Status and Holds
- 3:20 Registering For Classes
- 3:45 Searching For Classes (During Registration)
- 5:40 Adding Classes From Class Search
- 7:54 Adding Classes Using CRNs
- 8:45 Dropping Classes
- 9:21 Reviewing Your Schedule

Other Registration Videos


Things to Remember:


  • Registration week for the 2024 summer and/or fall semester is April 8 – 12. Please remember to check your registration date at, Registration & Records, “Check Your Registration Date”.  Please remember that you cannot register for Fall 2024 before your appointment date, however you can register after that (as long as your holds are resolved)
  • All academic, administrative and/or advisement holds must be cleared by your College, Department or Advisor. To schedule an appointment with your Advising Centers, go to  Click here for information on advisement centers and major.
  • College Scheduler is a schedule planning tool that is available to assist in creating your ideal schedule.
  • Registration Holds.  Click here for information on holds and who to contact
  • Getting a Registration Error? Click here for information on more details.
  • For a listing of semester deadline dates, click here and select “Semester Deadline Dates”
  • The late transaction (Course Add, Changing Credit Hours, or Changing Grade Mode) fee is $10.00 per transaction for through the 3rdweek of Fall and Spring terms and through the 2nd week of Summer terms. After these deadlines, the late transaction fee is $75.00 for Course Add and Changing Credit Hours.  The late transaction fee for Changing Grade Mode remains $10.
  • An Enrollment Authorization – During the Term form is required for any transaction after the published deadline dates.  Fees will be added to your student account. For a listing of Course-Related Forms, click here.
  • During appointment registration, students are allowed to register for a maximum of 18 credit hours for Fall and Spring terms. Students may register for more than 18 hours after appointment registration has ended. Students must be cleared for overloads by their academic advisement center of their intended major. The student must be registered for at least one class before an academic advisor can post the override clearance to a student registration record.  Registration beyond full time status will incur additional tuition charges.
  • Enrollment Cancellation due to lack of Financial Commitment will occur TWO WEEKS into the semester. Only students who have a PRIOR SEMESTER BALANCE GREATER THAN $200 will be canceled from their courses
  • For the Senior Citizen Policy, registration restrictions and tuition charges, please visit